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Beehive Classic

PDGA B Tier Event

July 15-July17 2021

Events and activities running all week (July 12-17)


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Infinite Discs

Event Title Sponsor

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Prodiscus is a growing brand. Our idea is to create premium quality products and spread the message to all players in Finland, Europe and across the pond. Team Prodiscus is a team of players from several countries representing this idea and the sport in events of all levels.


Yikun is a disc manufacturer based in China who created a new line of golf discs. They have been a leading manufacturer of Ultimate Discs in Asia for the last decade and have now ventured into the disc golf market.

Yikun currently has several different disc golf molds and three different plastic types. Yikun golf discs all feature stylistic Chinese artwork.


Schneiter's Bluff Golf Course

A Premier Utah Golf Venue

The name Schneiter is synonymous with Utah golf. From weekly leagues, to recreational play including disc golf and the Bluff short course, we have tons to offer for your next round, group outing or event.