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Open Divisions Payout

All Open divisions will be paid out 40% Deep in each division and will be paid out through PayPal digitally. All added cash will be distributed per PDGA Guidelines to each division. PLAYER PAYOUTS WILL BE SLIGHTLY TOP HEAVY meaning those who place higher in the field will receive a higher proportion of payout. When there is a better Idea of the final amount of added cash, the proposed pay-out's will be posted here.

Amatuer Divisions Payout

With the event being a true amatuer event, we technically don't need to offer amatuer payout. BUT because we're awesome, and Infinite Discs and the other sponsors have contributed so much to the event, we will be offering some solid amatuer payouts. All payouts are paid out in Infinite credit and will be deposited into your infinite account after the event. Amatuer divisions will be paid out 45% deep


 Each division will receive trophies based on the amount of players in the division (see image below), and the trophies are going to be SWEET! (literally, they will taste sweet).  

Trophy Divisions.JPG
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