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What is the Refund Policy for the Event?

Full Refunds (minus processing fee) will be given up until June 15th (30 days before the event). After June 15th, full refunds will only be given if the players spot is taken by someone on the waitlist. If it is not taken by someone on the waitlist, the player will receive a 50% refund. Players who do not request a refund by July 10th, will NOT receive any refund or player pack.

What Division Should I Sign up In?

The PDGA has set out guidelines based on skill lever and player rating. If you do not already have a PDGA membership or Player rating, you can ask your friends who already do. If you still are unsure, feel free to email us at and we can help out. You can find PDGA Division Explanations HERE. Players are encouraged to register for the division they feel most comfortable with and the one you can be the most competitive in.  

I didn't sign up for the extra activities when I registered... Can I still participate in those? Can I do them more than once?

The short answer is YES! The Wednesday of beehive week, you will have all day to try any of the activities available. Tickets for each event will be sold throughout the day. Events like the All golf, distance competition, and Putting competition are available to attempt as many times as you would like. The Disc golf Derby will only be available on thursday and Friday Evenings.

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